Municipal and School Policy Resources

The laws, regulations, and practices that govern schools, institutions, and municipalities often have an impact on risk and protective factors in youth. On this page, you will find a range of resources such as models, guides and best policy practices for both schools and municipalities.

Municipal and School Policy Resources

The CDC defines policy as “A law, regulation, procedure, administrative action, incentive, or voluntary practice of governments and other institutions.” Using this definition of policy, it is clear that policies have a direct impact on the health and wellbeing of young people. For example, research has demonstrated that increasing taxes on tobacco products correlates with a decrease in youth tobacco use (source). In alcohol policy, the density of alcohol retailers directly correlates with reported rates of youth alcohol use (source). Whether it’s school policy, municipal policy, state or federal policy, it is critical to advocate for policies that are associated with decreased youth substance use and misuse.

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Interested in getting involved with local prevention policy?

Join our virtual, bi-monthly Regional Policy & Norms Workgroup meetings! Learn more about this workgroup here. Check out our calendar on the SPIFFY Home page to find out when the next meeting is. Click HERE to sign up to the Regional Policy & Norms listserv, where we send reminders about meetings, meeting agendas, minutes, and other substance misuse prevention policy resources and updates.

As of September 2023, the Regional Policy & Norms Workgroup will be creating three new subcommittees: 

  • Cannabis Policy Subcommittee
  • Alcohol Policy Subcommittee
  • Health Equity in Substance Use Prevention Policy Subcommittee

Stay tuned to learn when these subcommittees will be meeting and what they will be working on!


Municipal Policy Resources on Substances


  • Guide for Policymakers: Prevention, Early Intervention and Treatment of Risky Substance Use and Addiction  (Resource link)
  • Partnership for Drug-Free Kids Policy Resources  (Resource link)
  • MA Municipal Association – can provide legal assistance to municipalities who are part of the MMA. Marijuana and Alcohol Resources Page  (Resource link)
  • CADCA’s Guide To Educating Legislators (Resource link)
  • PTTC Policy Analysis Worksheet (Resource link)
  • Environmental Scan Toolkit (Resource link)
  • Implementing Policy To Prevent Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Misuse Guidebook (Resource link)
  • Guide to Testifying Against Harmful Bills for Parents & Supportive Adults (Resource link)


  • Getting it Right From the Start: Model Ordinance Regulating Local Cannabis Retail Sales and Marketing in California  (Resource link)
  • Know the Laws: Here’s everything you need to know about marijuana in Massachusetts (Resource link)
  • Cannabis Legalization and Regulation (Resource link)
  • Cannabis Policy Resource Center (Resource link)
  • Cannabis Prevention Training & Technical Assistance Services (Resource link)


  • “Learn the Law: How Does Your State Prevent Underage Drinking?” Series  (Resource link)
  • Alcohol Policy Information System: The Alcohol Policy Information System (APIS) provides user-searchable access to authoritative, detailed, and comparable information on alcohol, drug, and cannabis-related public policies in the United States, at both State and Federal levels. Designed primarily as a tool for researchers, APIS is intended to encourage and facilitate research on the effects and effectiveness of alcohol, drug, and cannabis-related policies.  (Resource link)
  • Reducing alcohol use and related problems among college students: A guide to best practices  (Resource link)
  • Community Alcohol Forum 4-13-23 on “Alcohol: Health Safety and Prevention in Massachusetts” (Video link)
  • Implementing Community-Level Policies to Prevent Alcohol Misuse (Resource link)


  • Laying A Solid Foundation Tobacco Laws Pertaining To The Commonwealth Of Massachusetts  (Resource link)
  • MAHB website – The Massachusetts Association of Health Boards website has tobacco maps, tobacco regulation template, smokefree workplace information, and more!
  • Juul Settlement Funds
    • How To Spend Juul Settlement Funds: Champion Our Children, Target Commercial Tobacco (Resource link)
    • Juul Litigation Settlement Guide & Interactive Map (Resource link)
    • Juul Litigation & Settlements FAQ (Resource link)

Other Drugs

Mental Health

  • Mental Health First Aid in Schools: Connecting Public Health, Policy, & Equity in COVID-19 (Resource link)
  • 2021-2022 State Public Policy Priorities (from American Foundation  for Suicide Prevention) (Resource link)
School Policy Resources

Mental Health/Trauma-Informed

Substance-related and Restorative Practices

  • Report: “What Schools Can Do: Creative Ways Franklin County and North Quabbin Schools are Implementing DESE Guidance on Substance Use Prevention”  (Resource link)
  • Report: “Can Restorative Practices Improve School Climate and Curb Suspensions? An Evaluation of the Impact of Restorative Practices in a Mid-Sized Urban School District”  (Resource link)
  • Collaborative Resolutions Group Restorative Practices and Restorative Justice Resource Page  (Resource link)
  • Toolkit & Infographic: What Are Restorative Practices? (Resource link)
  • 8 Elements of a Vape Free School  (Resource link)
  • American Heart Association’s Tobacco-Free Schools Toolkit  (Resource link)
  • Reframing School Discipline: A Strategic Communications Playbook (Resource link)
  • Supporting Restorative Justice in Schools (Resource link)
  • A Toolkit for Schools: The New Look of Nicotine Addiction (Resource link)


  • School Council Guide  (Resource link)
  • MA Interscholastic Athletics Association (MIAA) Handbook  (Resource link)
  • Massachusetts Association of Health Boards School Policy Guidance (Resource link)
  • Report: Creating Policies to Support Healthy Schools: Policymaker, Educator, and Student Perspectives (Resource link)
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