Administrative Leadership

Become an administrative leader by earning the Principal/Assistant Principal (preK-8 or 5-12) or Supervisor/Director License.

Our Approach

Our program prepares candidates for Initial Licensure as Principal or Assistant Principal at the PreK-8, or 5-12 level, or as a Supervisor/Director. Approved under DESE’s rigorous standards, the CES program prepares candidates to:

  • Be an instructional leader – Reach out beyond the classroom to collaborate with colleagues, administration, families & communities to create the best learning opportunities for your students.

  • Be an agent for positive social change – Promote equity and anti-racist education in your practice and educational community.

  • Be an impactful educational leader for all students – Integrate standards, frameworks and effective research-based instructional practices that work for all of your students.

Our Program offers robust advisory support, and important content to address educational technology and educational data – both critical skills for 21st century leaders. 


Portrait of a mixed race teacher with tattoos in the school hall. She has her arms folded and is smiling for the camera.

The support from instructors and colleagues was unmatched.

— CES Licensure Program Candidate


To enroll in CES’ DESE-approved administrative leadership preparation program, candidates for licensure as Principal/Assistant Principal (PreK-8, 5-12), or Supervisor/Director must present evidence that meets these requirements:

  • Successful completion of the Communication & Literacy MTEL
  • Completion of at least three full years of employment in an executive management/leadership role or in a supervisory, teaching, or administrative role in a public school, private school, higher education, or other educational setting accepted by the Department, in addition to all Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education administrative licensure requirements (exceptions are granted on a case by case basis)

For the Supervisor/Director license:

Requires an Initial or Professional teacher/teacher specialist license in the core or non-core area. Role and level for this administrator license will depend on the candidate’s existing license.

Program Requirements

  • Completion of 10 required courses: Law, Ethics, and the Educator; Dynamic Perspectives in Education; Policy, Politics, and Curriculum; Data Informed Decision Making; Educational Technology for Administrators; SEI for Building Level Administrators; The Contemporary Educational Leader; The Culture of the School; Instructional Leadership and Supervision; and Educational Leadership and Management/Practicum Seminar. For more information about these courses, visit our Course Catalog. 
  • Demonstration of required competencies in the Performance Assessment for Leaders (P.A.L.) Tasks

MTEL Requirements

  • Communication and Literacy Skills Test


A 500-hour Supervised Practicum in the role of the license sought is required. Email to learn more about the Practicum.

Graduate Credit

All courses may be taken for graduate credit.

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