Early Childhood Professional Development

Teachers and family child care providers are the cornerstone of quality early education and care programs. With well-trained staff, programs are better equipped to give children a safe, stable environment, address children’s needs, and foster growth while partnering with families to support children’s optimal development. 



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Our Approach

Our trainings include strategies for engaging and communicating with parents, creating optimal learning environments, dealing with challenging behavior, and building reflective practice into work with children.

Tailored professional development and coaching can also be offered at your site.

Our Professional Development will:

  • Expand your knowledge of current research on key issues
  • Engage you in meaningful reflection and collaboration
  • Strengthen your skills
  • Further career goals
  • Help you to connect with and learn from other providers
  • Promote positive outcomes for children
  • Address Massachusetts Core Competencies

Upcoming Offerings

CES Early Childhood Professional Development is offered each season. Scheduled sessions will be displayed here. Please contact Emily Bouvier, ebouvier@collaborative.org, for information about contracting on-site work.

Oct 14 2022
Resilience Starts with Us -1.5 Hr Version

Staying strong, calm, and positive during the re-opening process is challenging. This free event will provide discussion and resources on the importance of self-care to support our care for children.

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Nov 10 2022
Playful Strategies for Supporting Early Communication Development in Children with ASD – 2 Hr Version

Ever wonder how to support a child whose language seems "stuck", or who only repeats what you say? What about a child who isn't speaking yet at all? Come learn a variety of play-based

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Nov 29 2022
Understanding and Addressing Young Children’s Challenging Behaviors

Young children use their behaviors to communicate their feelings, needs and wants.  This course looks at what children may be trying to communicate with their behavior,  the impact of trauma on

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Dec 10 2022
Promoting Equity in Early Childhood Settings

In this course, early childhood educators will explore the intersection and impact of culture and implicit bias, and the role they play in shaping us both individually and collectively as a society.

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