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Summer of AI: Professional Development Workshops

The CES Summer of AI is a dynamic PD series designed to empower educators across all disciplines with the knowledge and skills to navigate the evolving landscape of AI. The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) in our schools presents unprecedented opportunities and challenges. We invite you to join a vibrant community of educators to explore the multifaceted impacts of AI. Dive into critical discussions and find valuable insights and practical solutions on how AI can reshape educational policies, influence creativity, and integrate into teaching practices while maintaining a focus on equity and bias.

What are my options for PDPs?

Join us for a single event or attend multiple events in the series, based on your schedule, interests, and learning goals! Whichever path you choose, the series provides a structured yet flexible framework to support your professional development.

  • For those interested in specific topics or who have limited time, attending individual sessions will earn you a certificate of attendance (or PDPs for certain longer sessions).
  • You can also opt to combine sessions into a PDP Bundle. By selecting a series of workshops and activities, you can earn PDPs for your overall Summer of AI learning experience. This option offers a deeper understanding of the interconnected aspects of AI topics.

For questions about PDPS, please contact

In-Person PD Workshops

Cite-Seeing with AI: A Perplexity Adventure

Some of the loudest complaints we hear about AI in schools are: it doesn’t cite its sources & students can’t use it. solves both of those problems—or free. Hear how educators and students are using it and try it yourself!

  • July 22, 2024; 9am-11am 

Register by July 15.

AI & Equity in Schools

Participants will build a high level understanding of how AI works, and learn about how bias and discrimination show up in AI tools and in their deployment, particularly in educational contexts. 

  • July 26, 2024; 9am-3pm 

Register by July 19.

Creating Your AI School Policy in a Day

Is it time for your district to consider establishing AI policies and procedures? In this session we’ll use CES’s AI Policy Creation Guide for School Districts to draft policy language customized to each participant’s unique settings. 

  • July 31, 2024; 9am-2pm

Register by July 24.

Online PD Workshops

A People's Guide to AI

Dive into the rapidly evolving world of AI with this 4-session workshop series. Designed for enthusiasts, educators, and the AI-curious, this workshop leverages the foundational text “A People’s Guide to AI” to explore, understand, and critically engage with AI technologies that are increasingly shaping our lives.

  • July 3, 2024; 9am-12pm
  • July 10, 2024; 9am-12pm
  • July 17, 2024; 9am-12pm

Register by June 26.

Using genAI to Spark Creativity

In this fully asynchronous, four-week, online course, participants will explore genAI as a tool to spark their own creativity and as a classroom tool to infuse their lessons with laughter, fun, and joy.

The course will run from July 29th through August 23rd. Each Monday, a new module will open, with thought-provoking resources and hands-on activities. Course instructors Suzanne & Casey will host two optional, virtual meet-ups for participants to chat, play, and share ideas.

  • August 5, 2024; 10am-11am
  •  August 19, 2024; 10am-11am

Register by July 22.

Prompt Engineering for Educators

Does the thought of using AI make you feel overwhelmed? Have you tried it and felt underwhelmed by the results? A combination of both? Us too. This session is designed for people who consider themselves AI novices or advanced beginners.

  • July 8, 2024; 9am-12pm

Register by July 1.

AI – Time Saver, Time Shifter, or Time Suck?

Is AI really the time saver we’ve all been searching for? Or is it just the newest “solution” coming to distract us from what is important in our classrooms and schools? During this workshop, we’ll explore AI’s true potential for shifting our relationship to time and productivity.

  • August 6, 2024; 9am-12pm

Register by July 30.

Let's Talk About AI

This free summer webinar series, offered through MassCUE, is specifically designed for educators. Each week, we’ll focus on a different topic related to the ever-shifting and evolving landscape of AI.

  • AI and Digital Literacy: July 11, 2024; 10am-11pm
  • AI and Plagiarism: July 19, 2024; 10am-11pm
  • AI and the Environment: August 8, 2024; 10am-11pm
  • AI and Equity: August 15, 2024; 10am-11pm

Generative AI: Critical Engagement Toolkit

Participants will explore a critical engagement toolkit designed to support metacognitive thinking and reflective engagement with multiple technical, social, socio-emotional and ethical dimensions of generative AI.

  • August 21, 2024; 9am-12pm

Register by August 14.

Meet the Instructors

Casey Daigle

Casey has been co-creating with educators and edtech for 14 years. As the Digital Learning Manager for the Collaborative for Educational Services (CES), Casey's work explores how we invite connection and imagination through technology. Her expertise centers on program development, instructional design, change management, facilitation, and the creation of learning experiences that are differentiated and personalized with fidelity to the content. She works with PreK-12 teachers, administrators, and edtech leaders across Massachusetts and beyond, to explore how tech can transform teaching and learning, better connect us as humans, and create more equity and inclusion.

Casey revels in learning alongside those she works with. Her personalized approach to professional development supports learners to explore possibilities as they discover how Google and other tools and a little imagination can revolutionize their work. She prioritizes flexible learning design with meaningful hands-on, confidence-building activities that can be adjusted to learner preferences and experiences.

Casey is an ISTE Certification Authorized Provider, ISTE Certified Educator, Google Certified Trainer. She is a Board Member for MassCUE, appointed 2023-2025.

Learn more about:

Among Casey's recent presentations and professional development have been

  • Co-presenting with Bethany Emery at the MassCUE Spring Leadership Conference in 2023, on Worcester Public Schools Teacher Leaders Moving the Needle on Innovation and Integration (video available)
  • Co-presenting with Jen Thomas the MassCUE Digital Citizenship Summer Webinar Series, 2023
  • Co-presented with Suzanne Judson-Whitehouse and Carrie Rogers-Whitehead on Leveling Up DigCit Skills with AI, an webinar in January of 2023; available on the website
  • Presenting Grading for Equity Book Study course
  • Co-presenting with Shawn Fortin, Belchertown Public Schools, Dazzling Digital Doom Delayers, at MassCUE Fall Conference 2023
  • Co-presenting with Rebecca Mazur, Ph.D.; André Morgan, Ph.D., EdLD; Todd Gazda, Ed.D., JD; Is Virtual Reality Right for Our District? at the 2023 MASC/MASS Jt. Conference

"There are not many PDs that give us knowledge to add directly to our teachers' tricks suitcase, which yours always do; and I always am looking for that in PD. Let me just say this from the heart, you make me a better teacher, and I appreciate that priceless gift.”

–Teacher, Belchertown Public Schools

Position: Digital Learning Manager


Phone: (413) 588-7050

Suzanne Judson-Whitehouse

Suzanne Judson-Whitehouse is the CES Online Learning Manager. In this role, she leads the development of online courses with a focus on inclusive practices for online course development, faculty training and multi-media and production services in support of online (synchronous and asynchronous) instructional programs offered through CES. She works collaboratively with Subject Matter Experts and educators to create engaging and accessible online learning experiences. Suzanne is also part of the ISTE Certification Team at CES. This blended course is part of the ISTE Certification process which focuses on the use of educational technology for learning in meaningful and transformative ways. She has expertise in adult learning theory and practice, Google Workspace for Education, Universal Design for Learning, Media Production, and multiple learning management systems.

During her time with CES, Suzanne has provided one-on-one coaching in technology integration for K-12 teachers, graduate-level program faculty and professional development consultants, including webinar support and development. She led blended educator preparation programs as the CES Director of Licensure and Credentialing; and she has facilitated and co-facilitated workshops in: 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Canvas
  • Google Workspaces for Education
  • Project-based learning with a focus on technology integration
  • Design thinking and Makerspaces
  • Gamification
  • Copyright & Clearances for Educators
  • ISTE Standards for Students & Educators

She has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of New Hampshire, a Master’s Degree in Technology Integration from Marlboro College Graduate School and a Social Media Certificate from Drury University (Missouri). Suzanne’s interests lie in the fields of blended learning, technology integration in K-12 schools, makerspaces and creativity in education, games and gamification, and adult pedagogy.

Learn more about:

CES Educational Technology Services

Suzanne’s recent presentations include

  • AI: Impact on Education, Virtual Panelist, MassCUE Better Together, April 2024
  • Copyright in the Age of AI as part of the MassCUE Digital Citizenship Summer Webinar Series and at CUE Camp West, 2023
  • Copyright, Fair Use, Creative Commons in the age of AI in the MassCUE Digital Citizenship Summer Webinar Series, 2023
  • Copyright for Educators in a Digital Age, one-day workshop for teachers and school librarians, April 2018
  • Co-presented: Mythbusting the ISTE Standards (ISTELive 2023)
  • Co-presented: Deepening Digital Citizenship: Building Capacity to Change School Culture (ISTELive 2023)
  • Co-facilitated: Grading for Equity Book Study course, 2022-2023 School Year
  • Co-presented: Leveling Up DigCit Skills with AI, webinar in January of 2023
  • Co-presented: Transform Your Practice With the ISTE Standards, VT-Fest Conference, November 2021
  • Introduction to Educational Technology, one semester graduate level course for preservice and in-service educators (taught since 2016)

Position: Online Learning Manager


Rebecca Mazur Ph.D.

Rebecca Mazur, PhD is an educational researcher and evaluator, and a former high school librarian. She has designed and conducted studies investigating a variety of educational phenomena including system factors that support or constrain student learning outcomes, teacher support networks, instructional interventions for adolescent learners, and organizational collaboration. Her scholarship has been published in a number of respected peer-reviewed journals including Educational Administration Quarterly, Evaluation and Program Planning, and Educational Management Administration and Leadership.

Rebecca is part of a CES team that has completed extensive work to research emerging educational technologies including virtual reality and artificial intelligence, and provides consultation, professional development to K-12 educators, administrators, schools, and districts.

Learn more about our Research and Evaluation Services

Learn more about our Technology in Education Services

Position: Senior Evaluation Research Specialist


Sahara Pradhan M.Ed.

Sahara Pradhan is an experienced researcher and evaluator with a focus on qualitative methods and applied social research. She is currently completing a PhD at the College of Education at UMass-Amherst, and just completed a term as managing editor of Comparative Education Review. She is also pursuing a graduate certificate in feminist studies and draws on interdisciplinary theories and methodologies to inform her research.

Sahara is part of a CES team that has completed extensive work to research emerging educational technologies including virtual reality and artificial intelligence, and provides consultation, professional development to K-12 educators, administrators, schools, and districts.

Learn more about our Research and Evaluation Services

Learn more about our Technology in Education Services

Position: Research Associate


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