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We are a non-profit educational service agency, committed to reaching and educating learners of all ages, and experienced in working with educators to help students learn and succeed.



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Massachusetts Educational Collaboratives are non-profit educational services agencies that bring school districts together to form partnerships that create regional educational resources. Collaboratives benefit districts, students, families, educators and taxpayers by maximizing efficiency through shared costs and expertise. They play a leadership role in developing a broad range of innovative programming to meet emerging needs by providing training, enabling the sharing of exemplary educational practices and serving and educating many of our most vulnerable students across the Commonwealth.

CES is a member of the Massachusetts Organization of Educational Collaboratives and the national Association of Educational Services Agencies. We direct major initiatives in Early Childhood, Special Education, After School Programs, Professional Development, Educator Licensure, Technology in Education, Social Justice in Education, English Learner Education, Migrant Education, and the education of vulnerable youth.

CES Partnerships

Through our programs and departments, CES partners with a wide array of organizations in the region, across the Commonwealth, and beyond Massachusetts borders. We invite you to learn more about some of of the amazing partners with whom we work of accomplish our mission.

Social Justice and Equity

Social Justice and Equity work has always been critical to our mission. We understand that all forms of oppression are damaging. As we at CES set our sights on understanding and taking action together to challenge racism and support equity, we also commit to making our work intersectional.


Find information about our member school districts and superintendents, as well as details about superintendent meetings past and upcoming.


Meet and find contact information for members of CES Leadership.

Board of Directors

Learn about our governance structure, the members of our Board of Directors, and Board of Director meetings.

CES Reports

CES Reports include our annual reports of activities, audits, satisfaction and needs surveys, as well as annual highlights. You can download the current reports and those from past years.

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