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With extensive knowledge of best practices and current research, our experienced, highly qualified professionals serve as a valuable resource for organizations developing district and school leaders, teacher leaders, and mentoring programs.

CES partners with school and district educators to assess programs, provide coaching and technical assistance, and facilitate continued development toward strategic planning, program improvement, and educator effectiveness. 

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Creating Leadership for Change

Our Approach

CES specializes in working with school and district leaders; and brings deep perspectives, practices, and understanding to the issues around responding to learners’ multiple identities. We offer knowledge of the role of leadership in change management, and deep understanding of the programmatic and instructional implications of growth model and other student achievement data. We work to support strong school and district leadership that makes optimal use of communication and collaboration for mutual trust and accountability. 


CES brings extensive experience with strategic planning, leadership development, and instructional coaching. Our partnership at the department, school, and district levels has supported educators toward deeper understanding and practical strategies for educating learners who are traditionally underserved, such as learners with disabilities, learners in poverty, learners living with trauma and atypical social-emotional needs, and culturally and linguistically diverse learners.  We support educators in their efforts toward inclusivity in their policies and practices for the development of the whole child. When we support teachers and other educators to strengthen their practice, we partner with administrative and teacher leaders to promote a sustained effort beyond the consultation period.

Two educators talking in hallway in school

The essential challenge for school leaders is to bring out the greatness in others. But who can assist the leader to realize his or her greatness? I have found principals who are receptive to a mentoring relationship with someone outside of the district to be seekers of personal excellence and have seen those who have participated in the mentoring provided by CES develop a clearer vision of their potential as leaders.

School District Superintendent 

“People are not just one thing, and our practices and protocols in education often address them that way. We do certain things for students with disabilities, and other things for ELLs, but what of the student who is both, and black or brown also? There are ways for districts and schools to work on expanding our perspectives and practices in order to fully see – and serve – the whole student.” 

Dr. Johnson-Mussad



Coaching for district and building leaders, instructional coaches, teacher leaders, and teachers, on:

  • Responding to diverse learners
  • Designing for rigor
  • Building academic language
  • Student-centered instructional models
  • Equity and inclusion applied to particular problems of practice

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning, at the:

  • District level
  • School level
  • Department level
  • Grade level
  • Program level

Curriculum Development

CES provides a range of curriculum and instructional support services to support teaching and learning in virtual and face-to-face environments.

We partner with educators, school and district teams in regular public schools, charter schools, and private schools to resolve problems of practice and support school leaders, teachers and other educators to strengthen practice and optimize learners’ academic outcomes and social-emotional wellbeing.

Professional Development

Tailored professional development on: 

  • Culturally responsive practice
  • Culturally responsive practice in using grant resources
  • The IEP process and responsive teaming
  • Trauma-engaged schools and practice
  • Social-emotional learning for adults and young people and responding to challenging behavior
  • Gifted education
  • Improving outcomes for students in poverty 

Program Evaluation

We offer program evaluation to strengthen design, instruction, and administrator and teacher leadership.

Administrator Development

We work with schools and districts to create customized administrative development, coaching, and mentoring.

Examples of Past Projects

The Principals’ Leadership Academy

The Principals’ Leadership Academy (PLA) in SY22/23, supported multiple district leaders. Dr. Johnson-Mussad teamed up with two other leadership coaches to provide professional development and year-long regular coaching sessions with district principals.

Professional Development, Technical Assistance, and Coaching

Supporting the Chelsea Public Schools’ three middle schools’ leaders, teachers and instructional coaches.

The Belchertown Public Schools Strategic Planning Project

Working with the Belchertown Public Schools leadership team to facilitate the development of a multi-year strategic plan and related year 1 action plans.

Leadership Consulting Team

Albert Johnson-Mussad, Ph.D.

Dr. Johnson-Mussad serves as a staff consultant in leadership and instruction at the Collaborative for Educational Services. He travels nationally to facilitate professional development for school leaders, teachers and other licensed educators in instructional leadership; English learner education; world language and bilingual education; adolescent literacy education; improving outcomes for students in poverty; and social-emotional learning. In addition to professional development, he provides individualized leadership and instructional coaching, curriculum development and strategic ...

Position: Leadership and Instruction Continuous Improvement Specialist

Email: ajohnsonmussad@collaborative.org

Phone: (413) 200-8294

Angela Burke, M.Ed.

Angela Burke, M.Ed, oversees CES Professional Services teams that include Professional Development, Licensure, ...

Position: Director of Professional Services

Email: aburke@collaborative.org

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