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BEACON is a Collaborative for Educational Services alternative educational program for high school students, supporting 11th and 12th grade students, who are still enrolled in school but at high risk of dropping out.

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Believing every adolescent can open new doors.

BEACON is currently serving 15 Greenfield High School students for the 2023-24 school year. The program was originally developed as a partnership between Greenfield High School and Greenfield Community College in 2020. 

BEACON will be expanding enrollment soon to all of Franklin County.

The Experience

BEACON students spend their mornings at their sending high school participating in core academic subjects with their teachers, and spend their afternoons at Greenfield Community College for BEACON programming.

BEACON helps students develop the tools and knowledge needed to persist through high school graduation with a plan for post-secondary success.

The BEACON Program is located at Greenfield Community College, East Building, 1 College Drive, Greenfield, MA, 01301.

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When you give a student the keys to their own learning, big things happen.

— Max Fripp, Program Director

Four Programmatic Building Blocks for Success

Academic Coaching and Credit Recovery

Students spend an hour each day completing school assignments, studying for tests, and when needed, working to receive credits for previous classes that they have failed.


BEACON students develop an entrepreneurship mindset by creating and piloting their own business ideas while developing critical 21st-century skills.

Service Learning

Students work in small groups to design and lead community service projects aimed at addressing social challenges that they are passionate about including public art projects, animal neglect, and community clean-up days.

Social, Emotional, and Physical Wellness

Through group and individual activities and exercises, students explore their personal holistic health and develop tools and practices to help them manage stress, experience joyfulness, participate in physical activity, and find gratitude in day-to-day life. 

graphic image of graduation cap and text "10 out of 12 seniors graduated from high school in 2021-2023"
graphic image of a check mark with text "5 students applied to Greenfield Community College from 2021-22"
graphic image of a small hand on top of a larger hand with text "4 youth led businesses supported by Beacon since 2021"

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