Graduate Credit

Through our partnership with Fitchburg State University (FSU), CES Licensure students can earn a Master’s of Education in Curriculum and Teaching from FSU.



Master’s Degree

The Master’s of Education in Curriculum and Teaching from Fitchburg State University (FSU) option may appeal to students who:

  • want to earn an Initial License and a Master’s Degree simultaneously
  • already have an Initial License and are pursuing a Master’s Degree alone

The Master’s Degree option requires that students earn additional graduate credits beyond the credits earned in the CES Licensure Program.

All courses required for the FSU Master’s Degree are available directly through the CES Licensure Program and are offered in our convenient hybrid-online format. The cost of courses taken to complete the M.Ed are not included in Initial Licensure Program tuition fees.


If you have questions about this program, please contact Lynn D’Agostino at FSU.

Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS)

    A Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) from FSU is an option for those who already have a Master’s Degree.

    What does a typical CAGS Plan of Study look like?

    • 6 credits taken online directly from FSU – courses intended to help CAGS students use future courses in preparation for the thesis
    • 12 credits taken through CES – 12 of the 18 credits required for the license
    • 12 additional credits taken through CES – in an additional field of concentration other than the licensure field
    • 6 credits associated with the thesis, which is accomplished with the support of an FSU advisor

    How do I earn a CAGS?

    In order to earn a CAGS, you must apply to FSU by completing their Graduate Program application. You will then pay an additional fee for graduate credit at the first face-to-face session of each course that you take through CES in order to apply those credits to a CAGS through FSU.

    Apply Early

    Students wishing to earn an FSU M.Ed. or CAGS through CES must submit a separate application to FSU as a non-licensure candidate from an extended campus partnership program. This will ensure that graduate credit earned through courses taken with CES are correctly applied toward the FSU Master’s or CAGS program. You are strongly encouraged to submit your application as early as possible (no later than after taking one course with CES).

    Questions about Graduate Credit and FSU Programs

    Click below to find our Graduate Credit FAQ as well as a list of FSU staff that can answer your questions about Fitchburg State University programs.

    Allisonn Church

    Allie Church supports CES Licensure Programs course participants in the online learning environment, serves as a liaison to our partner institution (Fitchburg State University), oversees the SEI Endorsement Center, and tracks relevant data for continuous improvement. Allie has been with CES Licensure since 2013. She previously worked as a teacher in New Haven, CT and Holyoke, MA.  

    Position: Course and Accounts Manager


    Phone: (413) 497-4533

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