Community Health Data

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Community Health Data

Youth, Parents, and Community

Data is always at the forefront of coalition conversations, so that coalition partners develop strategies and initiatives that address identified and documented community needs.

Data sources include a variety of surveys and focus groups administered by the coalition staff and partners. Together, these provide a picture of the assets and challenges facing our community in supporting the healthy development of our youth.


Youth Prevention Needs Assessment (PNA)

Each year, many school districts in Hampshire County administer the Bach Harrison Prevention Needs Assessment (PNA) to all 8th, 10th and 12th grade students. The PNA documents adolescent substance use and anti-social behaviors, as well as the risk and protective factors. The PNA compares local data to statewide and national results. SPIFFY and coalition partners utilize this assessment in settting priorities.

2015 Prevention Needs
Assessment Survey

2013 Prevention Needs
Assessment Survey

2011 Prevention Needs
Assessment Survey

2009 Prevention Needs
Assessment Survey

2007 Prevention Needs
Assessment Survey

The following report compiles data about school climate from Hampshire County Prevention Needs Assessment Survey 2011 report.

2011 School
Climate Data


Parent Survey

SPIFFY surveyed over 600 parents in Northampton and Easthampton to determine what steps Hampshire County parents are already taking to keep their teens healthy. The results show that Hampshire County parents are already doing a great job in setting clear expectations, communicating and parenting effectively.

Easthampton parent
survey results

Northampton parent
survey results

Parent Education Campaign

Drawing on the results of the parent surveys, SPIFFY initiated media campaigns in Northampton and Easthampton to create community awareness that most parents are doing a great job parenting their teens. Here are some of the ads that were posted on billboards, flyers and posters around Northampton.


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