Franklin Tech’s frogs along the river

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Article Author: Joshua Solomon
Publication Name: Greenfield Recorder
Article Date: 9/20/2017
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GREENFIELD — Back around March, a Franklin Technical School shop teacher was approached about an idea regarding a frog and a few words to accompany it.

Greenfield Rights of Nature wanted to create signs to remind people to pick up after themselves and to care for the river.

“It’s a lovely happy frog that’s meant to resonate with how people feel when they go there,” Sandra Boston, a member of the group, said. The idea is “to remind they have a responsibility when they go to that place.”

Working with Michael Nobrega and three of his senior carpentry students at the tech school, the signs would become a long-term project for these students. Now, with the Green River cleanup coming up this weekend, the signs of a smiling frog in English and Spanish are ready to go up along approved spots near the river, and in big letters the message says: Thanks for being a water protector, take your trash home.

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