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The Connecticut Planning and Placement Team Leadership Institute (PPTLI) is funded by the Connecticut State Department of Education, Special Education Bureau, and hosted in partnership with the Connecticut State Education Resource Center (SERC). The Institute is designed to equip special educational team leaders with tools to foster family and community engagement and improve student outcomes by facilitating team meetings that meet legal requirements, foster positive school/parent partnerships, and result in high quality special education programming.

CES is available to discuss similar statewide programs with additional state departments of education. 

Our Approach 

There are no required courses for teachers who are licensed in special education that explicitly address facilitation, mediation, understanding the law and compliance, or collaborative problem solving. This year-long, rich experience will build these competencies and increase the effectiveness of participants in this role. 

During 2020-21, the Institute provided up to 120 participants from districts across Connecticut with a year of courses and technical assistance that foster their ability to lead Individualized Education Plan (IEP) teams in the development of educational plans that reflect the individual needs of students.

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Participants learn to

  • facilitate team meetings;
  • create and write clear and effective IEPs;
  • foster positive relationships with parents;
  • partner with district leaders to identify and implement a capstone project that addresses a needed change or enhancement in practice; and 
  • develop support networks to foster the implementation of best practices in the education of students with special needs. 

District Approval

Applicants work with their district leadership, in particular their Special Education Director, to file their application. It is assumed that your district Special Education Director will be aware of your application to the program and district or building administrators will approve your release for all scheduled activities. Please ensure you have this permission prior to submitting your application.

This is a state-wide initiative and practices are designed to support compliance with state and federal special education regulations.

The PPTLI model will consist of multiple courses and activities, offering face-to-face sessions and online learning, a variety of assignments, coaching, and communities of practice, ending with a capstone project.


This Institute is designed for educators who serve as a PPT chair leading PPTs in the state of Connecticut. This includes but is not limited to: Special Education Teachers, Building Level Administrators, Related Service Personnel, Special Education Directors, or others filling the role of PPT Chairperson.

This Institute is not designed to support people who are leading 504 Teams in terms of the legal requirements of these plans.


For more information, contact:
Angela Burke
Director of Professional Services
413.586.4900 x5926

Laurel Peltier

Laurel Peltier holds an Ed.D. in Special Education Leadership and C.A.G.S. in Special Education from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, as well as a professional license as a Special Education Administrator in Massachusetts. She has over 25 years of experience in transition assessment, planning and service delivery, and has provided leadership for transition in public schools and at the college level. Prior to joining the team at CES, Laurel developed and led public and private secondary school programs for students with disabilities, taught undergraduate and graduate courses in special education and writing, and acted as a consultant and professional development provider for more than 20 school districts in Massachusetts. Her most recent post was with the Amherst Pelham Regional High School. In addition to her professional experience, Laurel brings experience as the parent of a child with autism and intellectual disabilities.

Position: Curriculum and Instructional Specialist in Special Education

Email: lpeltier@collaborative.org

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