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Mentorship and Coaching

This work includes technical assistance for implementing anti-racism clear curricularum and pedagogical practices that affirm identity and belonging in schools. This coaching and support is available to individual and small groups of school leaders and/or educators.

    Equity Leadership Consulting and Coaching

    Flexible regular hours and/or on retainer

    • Timely support in navigating and responding when and after a hate/bias incident or crisis occurs
    • Proactive support before, during, and after incidents related to hate/bias occurs
    • Coaching that supports listening-based assessment of school culture and strategies to better support students at the margins (e.g. Students of Color, LGBTQIA+ students, students with disabilities)

    Support in Integrating a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging (DEIB) Coordinator/Director

    1 year partnership

    • Build a network of support in equity work through the CES partnership activities
    • Identify ongoing needs and structures for DEIB support within the community
    • Distill down community supports, roles and responsibilities for a DEIB Director

    Support in Building Inclusive Hiring Practices

    Flexible regular hours and/or on retainer

    • Collaborative review of current hiring materials and practices
    • Support to create greater networks of support for new hires
    • Coaching in inclusive practices for application and interview processes

    Curriculum and Pedagogy Technical Support Coaching

    Flexible sustained coaching partnership

    • Support for educators in conducting self-audit of curricular materials
    • Mentorship in practice and reflection on inclusive pedagogies
    • CES consultant review of curricular materials
    • CES consultant teaching observation and feedback

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