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The SPIFFY Full Coalition Meeting on March 28 was a lively and interactive event, and we are grateful to all who attended! The SPIFFY Team is already looking forward to the next full coalition meeting, when we plan to gather in person. Amy reported back on some of the responses we received from our 2024 SPIFFY Coalition survey: nearly 38% of respondents were under 25 years old, which is a sign that we’re having success engaging young people! Just last month, The Bureau of Substance Addiction Services (BSAS) approved SPIFFY’s Strategic Plan, and Lisa outlined the strategies in our plan that we are beginning to implement. In October, SPIFFY convened a Youth Steering Committee for the first time, and Lexi discussed what our fantastic new SPIFFY Youth Steering Committee (SYSC) has been up to, and a few of our SYSC members joined us to talk about their experience working with SPIFFY so far, and participated in a Q&A with adult participants. And Caroline revealed some of the data from the recent parent and caregiver survey, and invited participants to test their own knowledge! We can’t wait to see you at our next Full Coalition Meeting!

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