DYS Education Partners With Berklee Online

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Article Author: Kathryn Levesque
Publication Name: Collaborative for Educational Services
Article Date: 1/24/2024
Article URL: https://online.berklee.edu/takenote/berklee-online-music-courses-unlock-potential-in-juvenile-justice-programs/

Through a new initiative that has been years in the making, Berklee College of Music is offering music scholarships to students like Mekhi, a student at a program operated by the Department of Youth Services, the Massachusetts juvenile justice agency. He recently completed his second Berklee Online course. The program is allowing them to earn college credit by taking online music courses that are taught remotely by Berklee professors. The majority of the partnerships are in Massachusetts through DYS, with additional partnerships in California, Texas, and Missouri. Michael Moyes, Chief Operating Officer and Associate Vice President of Enrollment Strategy at Berklee Online, is leading the endeavor. 

Read the article from Berklee Online about this program here.

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