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So why “Ed Tech & Ice Cream”? Well, there are a lot of reasons, but the bottom line is that we love these two things and they’ve become inextricable for us.

We have a tradition that after we spend two days delivering the face-to-face training for ISTE Certification (or lead any professional development together), we find a local ice cream stand and celebrate. We rely on local insider knowledge to find the best ice cream in a new area and you all have suggested some amazing places! It’s a great way for us to connect and close out the experience (ISTE Standards: Collaborator 4a – dedicate planning time). We love working with you all in those two days and this tradition helps us mark the transition to the self-paced online portion of the course. Here is evidence of our escapades:

Casey and Suzanne holding ice cream cones.
Casey and Suzanne enjoying ice cream at We-Li-Kit in Connecticut.

And ice cream (or frozen yogurt or sorbet or creamee/kreamee/kreemy) is a great analogy for the ISTE Certification process.

Stay with me here (you know Suzanne loves a good analogy)! There are lots of different types of ice cream – some people like a delicious plain vanilla, others prefer something more adventurous like cherry-Heath bar-brownie chocolate frozen yogurt, while some folks prefer the fruity non-dairy sorbet experience. Just like you can choose a lot of different frozen desserts, the ISTE standards highlight the range of ways to support you to empower your learners. Are you a librarian who has a Makerspace in your library? Or a classroom teacher who has four desktops and 3 iPads? Maybe you are a principal who wants to better support your teachers to use technology in new and innovative ways? Or a Technology Integration Coach working with teachers from kindergarten to 12th grade.  

The ISTE Standards can support you, no matter what flavor of tech integration you prefer.

Graphic representation of the ISTE Educator Standards as an interconnected circle. Learner Leader Citizen Collaborator Designer Facilitator Analyst

ISTE Educator Standard: Collaborator 4a. Dedicate planning time to collaborate with colleagues to create authentic learning experiences that leverage technology.

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