Implementing State Initiatives

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Implementing State Initiatives

CES Offers Assistance to Implement State and Federal Programs

Our experts will work with schools, districts, and providers to help them understand, plan for, and implement state and Federal laws, regulations, and initiatives.

Student Opportunity Act

CES offers a number of services that may assist districts in developing and implementing plans in response to the Student Opportunity Act.

CES is also a State-Qualified Vendor in a number of areas.

The Collaborative for Educational Services (CES) is approved by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) as a vendor to deliver a variety of training and consulting services to a range of education providers across the state.

Conditions for School Effectiveness (10APAJP1)

CES is a DESE-approved vendor for the provision of education improvement services supporting the eleven Conditions for School Effectiveness, defined by DESE as being "necessary for schools to educate their students well."  

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment: Technical Assistance/Professional Development (13CCING1)

CES is a DESE-approved vendor for the provision of technical assistance and professional development, also in support of the Conditions for School Effectiveness.

Educator Evaluation Training (12EPLKC1, 13EPLSW1)

CES is approved by DESE to provide training in implementing the Massachusetts Educator Evaluation Model System. CES offers direct training of district leadership and faculty or a train-the-trainer model to district teams.

English Language Learners Professional Development: ELL (RETELL, WIDA, SEI) (12ELADN3, 13ELADN4, 13RSSDP1, 13ELAES1, 13ELAES2)

CES is approved by MA ESE to provide professional development in ELL, including training in both WIDA and RETELL, and is an SEI Endorsement Center. CES is also approved to provide several SEI Endorsement Courses (RFR14ELAES1)

Special Education Consultant Services (11SEPBM1)

CES is approved by DESE to provide services about special education to school and district staff, ESE staff, and community organizations working with schools and districts. Services include: professional development courses and institutes; consultation on initiatives; program reviews; evaluation of programs and leadership; mentoring programs for staff, and other areas related to special education. CES is also approved to provide courses, professional development, technical assistance, and other support for Special Education and Tiered Systems of Support (14OTSLT2)

Early Childhood Training and Consulting (2009 EEC Training 002)

CES is an EEC-approved vendor for training and consulting services for a variety of early education and care providers statewide.