Purchasing Cooperative

Saving Money with Cooperative Purchasing

Purchasing Cooperative

Simplify, Save, and Succeed

CES acts on your behalf as a cooperative, bringing the same economy of scale enjoyed by large organization to smaller organizations. We serve school districts, nonprofit organizations, and municipalities. 

Working with CES provides:

  • Significant cost savings on all kinds of bids
  • Time savings - CES take care of the administrative work for the bidding process
  • Confidence that bids are in accordance with MA Public Procurement laws

Cooperative Purchasing Categories have recently expanded,and include:

  • General Food
  • Fresh Bread
  • Milk
  • Ice Cream
  • Cafeteria Supplies and Paper Goods
  • School & Art Supplies
  • General Office Supplies
  • Printing and Copying Services
  • Printer, Copier, and Fax Supplies (toner, ink, etc.)
  • Custodial Supplies

Process and Timeline

Cooperative Purchasing bids happen at multiple times during the year. Examples include early fall, when general office supplies and printing and copying service are bid; late December, when custodial supplies and printer/copier/fax supplies are bid, etc. CES saves you time by managing the process of identifying vendors and conducting bidding on the items or services targeted, so that you can benefit from the lowest possible price at the right time. 


There is a fee to use the Food, Paper Goods, Milk, Bread, Ice Cream, and School/Art Supplies categories. This is based on school enrollment and membership in CES.


There is no fee for clients to use the remaining bids, which are paid for by the vendors.




CES will notify all interested parties about upcoming bids via email. If you would like to be sure to receive notifications please click here to be added to our mailing list. 




For more information, contact: 
Procurement Coordinator