Cooperative Purchasing Program

Saving Money with Cooperative Purchasing

Cooperative Purchasing Program

Changing your buying power might seem impossible, but it's not.

CES acts as a cooperative, bringing the same economy of scale enjoyed by large districts to smaller districts.

By joining together for purchasing purposes, districts have realized a cost savings on over 4 million dollars worth of supplies and services through the CES Cooperative Purchasing Program; ensured by lowest bid on purchase categories.

All bids are conducted online, saving districts on staffing and time that would be spent on conducting their own bidding process. The estimated cost savings achieved through this process is 5-10%.

Cooperative Purchasing Categories currently include:

  • School & Art Supplies
  • Bread
  • Milk
  • Ice Cream
  • Paper Goods & Cafeteria Cleaners
  • Food

Process and Timeline

Cooperative Purchasing begins in January, when CES identifies which districts are planning to participate in the process. A calendar is then established and shared for the implementation of a needs assessment and bidding process, which happens over the course of the spring. CES saves you time by managing the process of identifying vendors and conducting bidding on the items or services targeted, so that you can benefit from the lowest possible price.


CES will bid on almost any item - instructional classroom supplies, paper, and food.

For more information, contact: 
Business Office