Information for sending schools

Information for sending schools

Mount Tom Academy serves students from school districts throughout the Pioneer Valley.

Mount Tom Academy is designed to meet the learning needs of students who have had difficulty in the traditional high school setting, whether social, emotional, or academic; and serves students from school districts throughout the Pioneer Valley. Students choose Mount Tom for all kinds of reasons. Many have come to avoid school, or have had health or mental health emergencies, family members that are ill, or other things that interrupted their schooling. They find a caring community that honors that they are each in a different place with their learning. While all enrollment decisions are made on an individual basis, students considering our program should:

  • Be at grade levels between grades 9 and 12
  • Experienced challenges in a traditional high school setting
  • Have been enrolled in at least the 9th grade level
  • Demonstrate maturity and the ability to attend classes in a college environment

Mount Tom does not provide special education services. The program will accept students who have IEPs if those services are provided through the district.


  • Total enrollment in the program is usually between 15 and 20 students.
  • Admission is on a rolling basis and may occur throughout the school year.
  • Students remain on the sending high school’s rolls and, upon completion of Mount Tom Academy, receive high school diplomas from the sending school.
  • Mount Tom Academy follows the regular high school calendar and matches vacation schedules.
  • Grades and attendance are reported to schools regularly.
  • Mount Tom Academy’s rules for behavior and attendance match high school and college expectations.