Teacher Licensure

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Teacher Licensure

Be the teacher that students need.

The CES program will prepare you to 

  • Be an instructional leader - Reach out beyond the classroom to collaborate with colleagues, administration, families & communities to create the best learning opportunities for your students.
  • Be an agent for positive social change - Promote equity and anti-racist education in your practice and educational community
  • Be an impactful educator for all students - Bring together content frameworks and effective instructional practices that work for all of your students

Whether you are seeking your initial license, an additional license, or currently teaching on a waiver, the CES Licensure Program is designed to support your work and lifestyle. We offer the unique hallmarks of CES licensure programs that you rely on:

  • Our program combines theory and practice. Seasoned educators introduce you to new teaching strategies and tools for the classroom so you can gain a practical understanding of how and why they work for students

  • Our blended learning environment is grounded in over 10 years of experience with relationship building both online and in person.

  • Masked or unmasked. In person or remote, our program prepares you to make strong connections with your students.

Teacher Initial Licenses

To become an educator or school administrator in Massachusetts, you must have a Bachelor's Degree and complete a licensure program approved by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

The CES Licensure Program requires completing a set of graduate-level courses and a practicum, which offers a rigorous supervised experience in your field as well as an opportunity to demonstrate the mastery of Professional Standards required by DESE. Throughout the program, students have the opportunity to conduct field-based experiences in a variety of educational settings and to observe and reflect on the practices of other education professionals.

You can take up to two of our Licensure courses before enrolling in our program. Both courses will be credited to your program if taken within 5 years of enrollment.

Teacher Additional Licenses

For educators who have already earned an initial teaching license, CES offers a clear path to an Additional License, if you are seeking to:

  • enhance your knowledge and teaching strategies to work with diverse populations
  • make yourself a more valuable professional resource
  • help your school or district built capacity in needed areas

We offer courses for the following Additional License pathways:

Thinking about becoming a Reading Specialist? Learn more about adding a Reading Specialist License.

Teaching on a waiver

Our knowledgeable advisors will help design a customized plan that will give you what you need to earn the Moderate Disabilities Initial License or Additional License. Our courses provide evidence of continuous progress in alignment with Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education guidance. Each full graduate-level course will provide 3 points toward the 6 points you must earn in the twelve months prior to the waiver request. If you are taking a course to show evidence of continuous progress, you must register for graduate credit at the first face-to-face course session.

All CES Licensure courses can be taken for Graduate Credit through Fitchburg State University. You can apply those courses toward a Master's Degree or CAGS, or use them to move up the pay scale in your district. For more information, visit our Graduate Credit page. 

For more information about CES Licensure Programs

We invite you to attend one of our Information Sessions or call one of our experienced staff people to answer your specific questions. Visit Contact CES Licensure Programs for more information.

To learn more about the different types of teaching licenses in Massachusetts, go to Teacher Licensure in Massachusetts.

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