Strong Foundations for Young Children

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Strong Foundations for Young Children

Strong Foundations for Young Children provides free coaching, modeling, and support to families with infants and young children who are struggling with parenting. Parenting is complicated,and it's harder than ever right now. Parents can feel isolated and exhausted. SFYC can help. 

We have resumed our support with families in-person. We are providing in-person observations based on the individual comfort level of the family. During FY22, we intend to provide a hybrid model in which we do the majority of observations in-person and consultations with families virtually.

Families that are eligible for services

  1. must reside in Hampshire county
  2. have at least one child, age birth to five (or before kindergarten)
  3. the eligible child must not be in an early education and care program/childcare
  4. the eligible child is showing challenging behaviors, delayed social emotional skills or other high needs.

Priority will go to families that are not yet connected to community services and have a child with high needs. The program duration is typically 3-6 months (or less, depending on the needs of the family).

What is the cost?

There are no costs to the family and no insurance requirements.

What is included?

The type and quantity of services are tailored to the individual needs of each child and family. We will typically visit the family at home and provide help with setting goals, coaching and modeling strategies for parents or caregivers, and connecting families with needed resources in the community. The family and clinician will work together to determine appropriate goals for the family to support the social emotional development of the child, reducing challenging behaviors.

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“The foundation of social competence that are developed in the first five years are linked to emotional well-being and affect later ability to functionally adapt in school and to form successful relationships throughout life.”

Referrals and Intakes

Sarah Lusardi, IECMH Clinical Supervisor at CES, coordinates all referrals and intakes. Please fax or email the completed referral form to Sarah's attention via 413.586.1725 or

Click below to download a referral form.

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For more information, contact: 
IECMH Clinical Supervisor and Pyramid Model Coach