Puzzle of Parenting Workshops

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Puzzle of Parenting Workshops

Free Workshops for Parents

CFCE Puzzle of Parenting series provides free workshops for parents of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.  These workshops are currently being provided virtually.

Our workshops are designed for parents, grandparents, and guardians of children from birth to kindergarten age. Workshops are designed in collaboration with local parents and are offered at multiple locations so families can choose the most convenient sites and dates.

CFCE Puzzle of Parenting Calendar of Events

Dates, times and location for scheduled workshops are on the below calendar. Full workshop descriptions can be found below the calendar.

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Workshop Descriptions

Positive Solutions: This is an evidence-based series developed by the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL). It is designed to help parents and caregivers promote their young child's social and emotional development and to better understand young children's challenging behaviors. Parents and caregivers will learn how to use positive approaches to improve their interactions with their child; help children learn appropriate behavior; and to build their child's confidence and self-esteem. Thereby, preparing children for successful early learning experiences.

Each session in this workshop presents a new topic. Drop in to one or attend them all! 

  • Session 1: Making a Connection!
  • Session 2: Making It Happen!
  • Session 3: Why Do They Do What They Do?
  • Session 4: Teach Me What to Do!
  • Session 5: Facing the Challenge, Part 1
  • Session 6: Facing the Challenge, Part 2

Soluciones Positivas:  These are Spanish versions of the Positive Solutions workshops above.

  • Sesión 5: Enfrentando el Desafío, Parte 1

Baby & Toddler Sign Language: Join us to learn how you can enhance communication with your young child before they are verbal by introducing and using ASL signs together.

First Steps to Reading: Did you know that you can help your child grow into reading by talking, playing, sharing books and even singing together? In this four-session workshop we’ll find out why these things are important.

Dads Rock: Being a father and parenting today can sometimes look very different from what dads may have experienced with their own fathers. This father/child program includes a discussion time with fathers on these changes, their experiences and ways in which they can promote their child’s healthy development and early learning experiences. 

Early Reading Skills: Talking, singing, playing and reading with your child all build early reading skills.  Join us to learn how you can do more of these activities with your child and how these and other everyday interactions with your child provides preparation for reading.

Screen Time and Managing Virtual Engagement: iPads for infants, touch screens for toddlers, video games for preschoolers - screens are everywhere! Join us for a discussion on the impact of screen time on young children's development, and guidance on screen time with young children.

Helping Children Manage Anxieties: Addressing children's anxieties during the pandemic can be challenging. This workshop will offer concrete strategies parents can use to support toddlers and preschoolers. Suggestions will be offered about talking to children about the pandemic in developmentally appropriate ways, providing social emotional support for children, and potentially transitioning back into child care settings.

STEAM Activities: Learn safe and creative STEAM activities that allow for fun exploration and experimentation. Suggestions to engage children’s imaginations, promote creativity, and sharpen their powers of observation will be provided.

Grandparenting During the Pandemic: Many grandparents are caring for their grandchildren during the pandemic, and the role is different from those of the parents. This is an opportunity for grandparents to connect with others, discuss their experiences and feel supported.

Yoga for Families Series: Stephanie Koller will present a twelve-week workshop series to help parents and their children build a “Winter Wellness Toolbox” through the weekly practice of QiYoga. Incorporating varying mindfulness themes each week, both children and their parents will learn helpful ways to maintain a healthy balance between active movement and tranquil breathing. On Monday mornings, Stephanie will offer parent/child interactive experiences, and on Thursday evenings the focus will be on a mindful movement practice to help parents nurture themselves.

Music and Movement Series: Andy Goulet will present a series of music and movement workshops for parents and children. Parents will be invited to sing, dance, and enjoy these virtual, interactive music sessions with their children. Andy will share original and classic songs on a variety of musical instruments. 

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