Assessment for Responsive Teaching

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Assessment for Responsive Teaching

The Collaborative for Educational Services in Northampton, Massachusetts is pleased to continue being the grantee for the statewide Assessment Grant. We have named this project Assessment for Responsive Teaching. We provide training and support to all early childhood educators in screening and observational assessment of children from infancy through kindergarten.  To accomplish this goal, we work in close collaboration with the EPS grantees in each region of the state.

As educators, when we know each child – the whole child—we can best meet the child’s needs.  Observing and documenting children in their daily activities, and then planning curriculum based on what we have learned, enables us to respond to the individual child through our teaching.  Assessment for learning, as well as assessment of learning, leads to the responsive teaching that maximizes children’s development.

Who should participate?

The Assessment for Responsive Teaching project provides training for early educators and directors who want to increase their knowledge and skills in assessing children's growth and development. All of our courses are aligned with the QRIS Curriculum and Learning Standard and the Core Competency Observation, Assessment and Documentation.

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Services provided by this program are funded by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC).
Assessment for Responsive Teaching supports the Brain Building in Progress initiative and its mission of raising awareness of the critical importance of fostering the cognitive, social, and emotional development of young children.  In alignment with the science-based understanding that early experiences shape the developing brain, Assessment for Responsive Teaching is committed to train and support educators of young children in order to maximize the development of the whole child.