Sue Cairn, M.Ed.

Sue Cairn
Program (What area of CES): 
Healthy Families and Communities
Director, Healthy Families and Communities
413.586.4900 x5580

Sue Cairn, M.Ed., is the Director of the CES Healthy Families and Communities Department, including the Community Health Solutions team. She has over 25 years of experience managing grants and has extensive experience collaborating with schools that serve at-risk youth, behavioral health providers, youth serving agencies, and community partners. Sue specializes in coalition building, community engagement, strategic planning and assessment, in particular in the area of prevention and public health. In her work with SPIFFY, Sue has coordinated the substance abuse prevention coalition, including assessment, the development of strategic plans, sustainability, coordination of environmental strategy implementation, and fundraising. Sue focuses on collaboration and community building, with a focus on ensuring that all voices are brought to the table. Prior to working with CES, Sue was a Senior Partner in Cairn & Associates, working to organize coalitions to design and implement policies and programs that build community capacity for civic engagement.