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Working with the Struggling Reader
This course gives classroom teachers, reading specialists, and special education professionals research-based background knowledge of the cognitive,... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Licensure, Reading/Literacy, Special Education Licensure Candidate, Teacher Licensure
Working with Traumatized Learners
This workshop will focus on how to develop a trauma-informed integration and implementation strategic planning team within your school to ensure that... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Social/Emotional Administrator, Curriculum Directors, Early Educator, Paraprofessionals, Principal, Specialist, SuperIntendent, Teacher Professional Development, Summer Academy
World Geography and History - Designing Grades 6-7
Participants will gain essential knowledge and tools to design and teach the two-year World Geography and History requirements laid out in the 2018... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
History Teacher Professional Development, History and Social Studies
Writing a Clear and Concise FBA (Functional Behavioral Assessment) with Polly Bath
Participants will learn an efficient FBA (Functional Behavioral Assessment) process that yields a clear, concise classroom-teacher friendly report.
✗ Not Open for Registration
Special Education Administrator, Teacher Professional Development, Summer Academy, Special Education
Writing Best Practice IEPs: Measurable Goals
Participants will learn: Best Practices for IEP Writing pages 1-8; DESE Record Review Citations; DESE requirements for measurable goals that include... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Licensure, Special Education Licensure Candidate, Teacher Licensure, Professional Development, Special Education
Writing with Storytelling in Mind: How to Improve Descriptive Writing in Students
DescriptionTelling a story brings together voice, movement, characterization (personality traits and emotions), setting, action and the ri
✗ Not Open for Registration
English Language Arts Teacher Professional Development
Writing Workshop: Grades 3 - 6
This course is designed for educators, classroom teachers, and curriculum specialists who are committed to creating classrooms using the richly... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
English Language Arts, Reading/Literacy Specialist, Teacher Professional Development, English Language Arts
Young Children and Autism Spectrum Disorder
What is ASD and what are the early signs or red flags that a child may have this developmental disorder? What are current theories about ASD and... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Early Childhood Early Educator Early Childhood, Educator Trainings
Young Scientists Lead the Way
In this workshop, teachers will investigate ways to more often put their elementary students in charge of their own learning, becoming partners in... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Science Teacher Professional Development, Science
Youth Mental Health First Aid
Youth Mental Health First Aid is designed to teach parents, family members, caregivers, teachers, school staff, peers, neighbors, health and human... Read More
✓ Available for Registration
Health and Wellbeing, Social/Emotional Paraprofessionals, Principal, Specialist, Teacher Healthy Families and Communities, Professional Development