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Born Scientists!
Children are natural scientists. They are curious, ask lots of questions and love to use tools and explore the world around them. Discover how to... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Early Childhood Early Educator Early Childhood, Educator Trainings
Bridging Content and Language with Next Generation ESL
This course will provide participants with an orientation to the principles and commitments of Next Generation ESL, the current ESE curriculum and... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
English Language Learners Curriculum Directors, Teacher Professional Development, English Language Learners
Building Inclusive Communities Conference
✗ Not Open for Registration
Early Childhood Early Educator Early Childhood
Building Professional Boundaries
This fully online and asynchronous course will consider some situations that involve establishing and maintaining professional boundaries with... Read More
✓ Available for Registration
Special Education Paraprofessionals, Teacher Professional Development, Special Education
Building Relational Culture for Social Justice in Schools
CES is hosting a 2-day session focused on building relational culture for social justice in schools for CES employees and our member districts. The... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Social Justice Administrator, CES Employee, Curriculum Directors, Principal, Specialist, SuperIntendent, Teacher Professional Development
Building Skills for Culturally Responsive Anti-Bias Early Learning Experiences
Culture shapes our beliefs, values, practices, interactions and relationships. In this course, early childhood educators will explore the... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Early Childhood, Social Justice Administrator, Curriculum Directors, Early Educator, Paraprofessionals, Principal, Specialist, Teacher Early Childhood, Educator Trainings, Professional Development
Building Success: Supporting Children with ASD in an Inclusive Setting
This workshop will focus on strategies for successfully including children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in community and public school settings.... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Early Childhood Early Educator Early Childhood, Educator Trainings
Building the Roadmap for Systematized Instruction: Power of T.H.E. P.A.C.T.
In this introductory course, learn how to set up 4 essential language-based modules to systematically teach ANY content for learners with or without... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Assistive Technology, Common Core, Curriculum & Instruction, English Language Learners, Reading/Literacy, Special Education, Technology Curriculum Directors, Principal, Specialist, SuperIntendent, Teacher, Technology Director Special Education, CCATT
Building Thinking Across the Curriculum
In this 2 day workshop participants will learn specific strategies that foster students' metacognition and make student thinking visible. Practical,... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Common Core, Effective Teaching, English Language Arts, History, Math, Reading/Literacy, Science Curriculum Directors, Specialist, Teacher Professional Development
Building your "Techspertise" - Technology for Beginners
In this one-day workshop, we will look at the role of technology in our lives and the lives of our students, and examine ways in which technology can... Read More
✗ Not Open for Registration
Technology Specialist, Teacher Professional Development, Summer Academy, Technology
Capstone: Implementing Best Practices
Candidates investigate an aspect of curriculum and/or instruction and/or schooling and its impact on student learning.
✗ Not Open for Registration
Licensure Licensure Candidate, Teacher Licensure
CES Board of Directors Meetings 2017-18
Details for meetings of the Board of Directors, 2017-18.
✗ Not Open for Registration