Puzzle of Parenting Workshops

A child’s experiences from birth to age five play a significant role in shaping the person that child becomes. The role of parents in making those experiences the best they can be is just as important.



CFCE Free Workshops for Parents

Our workshops are designed for parents, grandparents, and guardians of children from birth to kindergarten age. Workshops are designed with local parents and are offered at multiple locations so families can choose the most convenient sites and dates.

Dates, times and location for scheduled workshops can be found on the calendar. Full workshop descriptions can be found below. Please register in advance.

CFCE Workshop Descriptions

Positive Solutions

This is an evidence-based series of 7 sessions developed by the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning. It is designed to help parents and caregivers promote their young child’s social and emotional development and to better understand challenging behaviors. Participants will learn how to use positive approaches to improve interactions with their child; help children learn appropriate behavior; and to build their child’s confidence and self-esteem.

Soluciones Positivas

En esta sesión vamos a definir el concepto de vocabulario emocional; Identificar palabras de sentimientos e identificar formas efectivas de enseñar vocabulario de sentimientos; Demostrar el uso de libros para apoyar el vocabulario emocional y el desarrollo socioemocional; Identificar cómo la técnica de la tortuga se puede utilizar para hacer frente a los sentimientos de ira y decepción; Aprender a como enseñar habilidades de resolución de problemas.

First Steps to Reading

Did you know that you can help your child grow into reading by talking, playing, sharing books and even singing together? In this four-session workshop we’ll find out why these things are important and have lots of time for parents and children to do fun activities together.

Creating Calm through Meditation, Breathing, and Child Friendly YOGA

Join certified children’s yoga instructor, Lorrie Heard, as we explore movement and fun! Parents and Children will be invited to practice foundational yoga poses and breathing exercises, while stretching and strengthening their bodies and minds. The session will be geared towards ages 3–6 and their parents.

Helping Children Manage Stress

This workshop will offer concrete strategies parents can use to support toddlers and preschoolers. Suggestions will be offered about responding to children in developmentally appropriate ways, and providing social emotional support.

Baby and Toddler Sign Language

Join us to learn how you can enhance communication with your young child before they are verbal by introducing and using ASL signs together.

Dads Rock

Does does being a father differ for you than your experiences with your father? Chat about changing roles of father-hood and how gender may or may not influence expectations and societal expectations.

Hola Amigos y Amigas

Early childhood is a wonderful time to introduce young children to other cultures. This special event introduces the Spanish and Latin American culture and it includes children’s music, stories, games, and an art activity.

Early Reading Skills

Talking, singing, playing and reading with your child all build early reading skills. Join us to learn how you can do more of these activities with your child and how these and other everyday interactions with your child provides preparation for reading.

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