Early Childhood Consulting Services

Preschool teacher with group of toddlers

Early Childhood Consulting Services

We provide expertise, training and development, assessment and coaching, planning and resources for your educators, professionals, programs, and families in areas foundational to serving preschool and early grades children.

In most cases, CES offers open enrollment professional development on these subject areas, and as part of our service, we are happy to work with you to create tailored on-site training.

CES consultants work with school-based educators and administrators as well as EEC-approved early childhood providers, Early Intervention programs, community and social services agencies, and children and families. 

Our Approach

In our work, we recognize that social emotional needs and well-being is the key to working with young children. Play is a child’s work, and a developmentally appropriate curriculum for these ages focuses on activities and engagement for children. In order to successfully support learning experiences for children from birth to grade three, we focus on evidence-based practices and skills for educators, families, and children that support the intersection of social emotional learning, social justice and equity, and family engagement.

How can we help?

We support organizations,educators and caring adults seeking to promote positive early learning experiences, environments, and interactions. Often key concerns include help with how to: 

  • Address social climate, behavior, and self-regulation issues
  • Engage and support families and caregivers for young children
  • Promote age-appropriate social justice and equity, community and curriculum
  • Promote trauma-informed classroom practices
  • Modify the classroom environment to integrate play-based and independent learning
  • Plan or adjust developmentally appropriate curriculum


  • Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation
  • Social/emotional learning
  • Challenging Behaviors
  • Developmentally Appropriate Play and Learning
  • Early Literacy
  • Classroom assessment
  • Pyramid Model Coaching
  • Building Resilience: Trauma-Informed Support and Teaching
  • Social Justice and Equity for the early learner
  • Family Engagement: successful strategies for culturally responsive communication and relationship building


CES has extensive experience working with EEC certified providers as well as public school and district based educators at the preK through early grades level.

We have also developed deep experience with engaging and supporting families and their little ones, and we've partnered with a wide array of community services organizations to develop strong and supportive networks for family needs. For a few examples of projects both past and ongoing, please visit our Projects page.

Our Consultants

We are early childhood development specialists and social workers with years of experience in counseling, consulting, teaching, parenting, training, and connecting with community resources. We are committed to building resilience for children and families, and supporting educators and other professionals who work with young children and their families, in this pursuit.


For more information, contact: 
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Director of Early Childhood
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IECMH Clinical Supervisor and Pyramid Model Coach
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Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant and Parenting Resource Specialist
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Coordinated Family and Community Engagement (CFCE) and Professional Development Coordinator
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