Student Resources

Student Resources

Download the Educator Licensure Student Guide

The Student Guide provides an overview of the Licensure Program and courses at CES:

Educator Licensure Student Guide

Licensure Program Application Materials

To access the Licensure Program Application Packet and forms, click here to visit the Program Enrollment page.

Practicum Request

Everyone enrolled in a Licensure Program must complete a Practicum before they can obtain an Initial License. Click here to learn more and to complete the Practicum Request Form.

Fitchburg State University Application Request

To pursue a Master's Degree or a Ceritificate of Advanced Graduate Study, students must apply through Fitchburg State University. Click here to request application materials for Fitchburg State University.

Student Petition

This form is to be used by students for requests of exceptions to policy and academic regulation due to extenuating circumstances only.

Student Petition Form

Leave of Absence Policy and Request

Students who must temporarily interrupt their studies because of a qualifying personal reason must complete a Request for Leave of Absence form indicating the length of time requested and date of return to active status.

Leave of Absence Policy and Request Form

Course or Program Withdrawal

All students who wish to withdraw from a licensure course or program must submit a Notice of Withdrawal Form. (Withdrawal policies are printed on the form for your reference.):

Notice of Course Withdrawal Form

Notice of Program Withdrawal Form