About CES

About CES

About CES

About the Collaborative for Educational Services

Since 1974, CES has been working with schools, districts, families, children, youth, and adult learners in the Pioneer Valley and across Massachusetts to create and improve educational opportunities both in and out of the classroom.

Closely attuned and responsive to the ever-changing state and Federal mandates and the educational needs of children, their families, educators, schools, and community, CES works to address gaps in programs and services with high quality, research-based, and collaborative solutions to ensure that every child has the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential.

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Agency Organization Chart

Agency Mission Statement

We have particular expertise in:

  • Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction
  • Professional Development
  • Licensure and Leadership Development
  • Data Analysis
  • Special Education and Assistive Technology
  • Early Childhood
  • Technology in Education
  • English Language Education (ELL)
  • Social Justice in Education
  • Program and Student Evaluation
  • Building Community Coalition
Working to help every learner achieve success since 1974