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SEI Endorsement Center

Providing SEI Endorsement Courses Statewide

DESE has designated the Collaborative for Educational Services (CES) as an approved SEI Endorsement Center offering for-cost Sheltered English Instruction (SEI) courses for teachers and administrators.  

CES offers open enrollment courses, but will also bring the SEI endorsement course on-site to you at your school or district. 

Course Details and Registration

Important Notice: Due to concerns around COVID-19, SEI face-to-face courses are on hold until further notice. We are currently offering fully online courses as an alternative.

Registration is now available for future open enrollment courses. Please click on the links below:

SEI Endorsement Center course delivery of the Fully Online Teacher Course includes 12 synchronous online sessions, an online capstone presentation, asynchronous online work between sessions, and three make-up sessions. Participants must have daily access to students in a virtual or in-person classroom during the semester the course is taken.

SEI Endorsement Center course delivery of the Full Face-to-Face Teacher Course includes 12 face-to-face sessions, a capstone project presentation, online work between sessions, and three make-up sessions. Participants must have daily access to students in a classroom during the semester the course is taken. 

This SEI Teacher Course equips participants with strategies to support ELLs' access to content instruction through evidence-based reading, writing and vocabulary interventions. Anyone who satisfactorily completes this course will be eligible for the SEI Teacher Endorsement.

SEI Special Topics

We now offer follow-up training for those who have taken the SEI Endorsement full teacher course. These workshops provide a "deeper dive" into specific topics, as they relate to SEI. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who must earn the SEI Endorsement?

A1: As of July 1, 2014, educators applying for their first Initial license (specifically core academic teachers of ELLs and principals/assistant principals and supervisors/directors who supervise or evaluate such teachers) must obtain the SEI endorsement. See applicable licenses below:

Core Academic Teachers - early childhood, elementary, teachers of students with moderate and severe disabilities, English, reading, language arts, mathematics, science, civics and government, economics, history, and geography
Academic Administrators - principal/assistant principal or supervisor/director only

As of July 1, 2016, school districts must ensure that ELLs are assigned to core academic teachers who have obtained the SEI Endorsement, or are required to obtain the Endorsement within a year of the assignment.

While core academic teachers are required to earn the SEI Endorsement, all licensed teachers interested in strengthening their skills working with ELLs who have access to students in a classroom may enroll in an SEI Endorsement course. Similarly, administrators other than those described above may enroll in the teacher or administrator SEI Endorsement courses.

Q2: Which SEI Endorsement courses does CES offer?

A2: CES offers both teacher and administrator SEI Endorsement courses, depending on interest and instructor availability.

Q3: How often does CES offer open-enrollment SEI Endorsement courses?

A3: Courses are offered throughout the school year. Due to DESE restrictions, SEI courses are not offered outside of the school year.  

For more information, contact: 
Course & Data Management Coordinator
413.586.4900 x5941