Professional Development

Professional Development

About CEDU Workshops

These workshops are designed to help teachers, specialists, and administrators to leverage information from the Massachusetts Education Data Warehouse in order to better serve students. The Data Warehouse, which contains complete records of MCAS and MEPA test results along with individual student histories, can help educators and administrators monitor patterns and trends in student achievement -- if they know how to obtain, analyze, and interpret the data.

CEDU workshops are based on the first three modules of the official Data Warehouse training curriculum.

The Collaborative is one of only five DESE-approved providers for the Education Data Warehouse curriculum, and the only approved provider west of Worcester. CES has been a source of Data Warehouse training since 2010.

Typically offered in the fall, past CEDU workshops have included:

Introduction to the Data Warehouse (DW-101)
This workshop will get you started accessing data and reports from the Data Warehouse and offers a paradigm for data use called the cycle of inquiry.

Understanding MCAS Reporting (DW-102)
This workshop offers information about academic assessments, and MCAS results in particular, that will help you analyze and interpret data effectively, and draw valid conclusions. Hands-on exercises will look at data from your school or district.

Informing Instruction with Data (DW-201)
This workshop provides guidance on using data to improve instruction. Participants will learn some basic techniques for analyzing MCAS test results, review the cycle of inquiry paradigm, and look at techniques for action planning.

These and other workshops and coaching services can be requested on a custom basis by districts and schools at any time.