Building Equity Teams

Building Equity Teams

Addressing inequities in schools requires that adults and young people work together to explore, assess, and transform school culture.

This kind of equity work

  • supports each participant to learn and reflect on their own role in maintaining the current school culture;
  • considers academic and policy issues that contribute to inequity;
  • examines the issues that contribute to a sense of belonging and exclusion in the school; and
  • fosters the skills and commitment needed to build joyful, relational, inclusive, and academically rigorous learning spaces.

CES provides

a highly skilled and racially diverse co-facilitation team to walk your equity team through this important, complex, and intersectional work. We work closely with an equity-focused point person in the district. The point person should be able to take care of logistics and be a person with key relationships and some decision making authority within the district. 

First Steps:

In order to ensure that stakeholders from across the school community are involved, one of the first steps is to convene a team comprised of stakeholders that include students, parents, teachers, and administrators which meets monthly to:

  • Build a team that can openly and effectively discuss the relevant equity and belonging issues in the school and community.
  • Develop a plan for this team to assess equity and belonging issues in the school which might include community dialogue/focus groups; curriculum review, policy review using an equity framework.
  • Develop a plan of action to implement change that includes all stakeholder groups. 

Equity Team Outline

1.    Orientation (2 full days with 2 facilitators)

Orientation preparation and design: A diverse co-facilitation team to design this data-driven, 2-day orientation specifically for your school district; Logistics to be conducted by a point-person from the district:

  • Engage in team building and establish a process and agreements for brave conversations
  • Learn about the known equity issues in the school district (this sections developed in collaboration with building/district administrators)
  • Set the stage a loving and critical reflection
  • Collaboratively develop goals for the coming year

2.   Monthly Workgroup Meetings (2 hours each) 

  • Includes co-planning and co-facilitating monthly 2-hour equity team meetings. Participants will need to be supported by a point person at the schools to keep work moving in between meetings (some groups do weekly 1-hour sub-working group meetings in between); Logistics for meetings and other events associated with this committee are to be conducted by a point-person from the school district.

3.    (Optional) Professional Development, Coaching/Technical Assistance (TBD)

  • There are goals that the equity team may want to implement that require additional support. For example, professional development workshops, affinity groups, classroom observation, curriculum review, etc. would require additional preparation and support.

For more information, contact: 
Director of Professional Services
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