Social Justice and Equity

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Social Justice and Equity

With extensive knowledge of best practices and current research, our experienced, highly qualified professionals serve as a valuable resource for organizations planning and conducting work around important and increasingly evident issues of equity and bias, and racism. 

CES works with schools and districts to build capacity and understanding and move this work forward, as well as other types of organizations including EEC providers, community organizations and even municipalities.

Our Approach

We know that institutions are a network of human relationships. So social justice work is community work, and keeps the relationships at the center. We need to tend to the relationships, so that we can cooperate and work and live as communities, and focus on making those relationships sustainable and repairing harms that come from oppression.

We also know that transformative work requires a multi layered approach. It’s not one single action. Because of ths, we are committed to being availabe to you over time as the work evolves. 


Customized technical assistance can include:

  • Building Equity Teams at your school or district
  • Tailored Professional Development, team and individualized coaching, and technical assistance related to equity, district and building leadership
  • Student Centered Work: Intergroup Dialogue for Civil Discourse in Schools
  • Support for putting into practice anti-racism practices and teaching
  • Technical assistance for implementing anti-racism curriculum
  • Equity and Inclusion School Climate Surveys, audits, focus groups and interviews

Professonal Development

CES also offers a range of professional development designed for educators seeking to enhance their knowledge, perspective, and skills, and we can bring those development experiences on site to your location. 

Transforming Education for Social Justice Conference

The Transforming Education for Social Justice Conference is a recurring regional conference that brings together people in Western Massachusetts who are interested in social justice and equity in K-12 schools, early childhood classrooms, and the surrounding communities.

For more information, contact: 
Director of Professional Services
413.586.4900 x5926
Safire DeJong
Social Justice and Equity in Schools Specialist
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Social Justice and Equity Specialist