English Language Learner Education

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English Language Learner Education

CES ELL consulting services meet the needs of educators and others working with English Learners, World and foreign language learners, and students who struggle to learn.

We work with public, public-charter, vocational, and private schools and organizations in urban and rural settings, both in Massachusetts and nationally, to support and respond to their needs.


We use a whole-child, whole-school, and whole-community approach to create a better learning experience for both students and professionals.

How can we help?

Your school, particularly in rural and suburban areas, may have a small or low incidence of English learners and need help to address the regulations and the learning needs of this small population within a whole school/district context.

In addition, schools experiencing dynamic shifts in their populations of English learners may have English learners from rich prior literacy and schooling experiences along with other English learners that have not had the same type of prior schooling or have had significant interruptions to their education. Still other learners may have experienced significant trauma and violence from civil war, natural disasters, and other life impacting experiences. Programs that effectively address the need to engage these students can increase student success and reduce the dropout rate for schools and districts.


  • On-site professional development on English Language program design, development and implementation
  • Student evaluation and performance
  • Curriculum development and delivery
  • Active parent involvement
  • Teacher training and coaching
  • Programming that is aligned with state and national frameworks and regulations
  • Analyzing student outcomes based on effective measures of student performance
  • Developing and implementing strong policies and procedures based on scientifically-proven program models


Our expert consultants have many years of experience in the classroom evaluating ELLs as well as all types of learners and their instructional programming, and conducting teacher trainings and graduate courses.

For more information, contact: 
Director of Professional Services
413.586.4900 x5926
Center for English Language Education