Community Health Solutions

Community Health Solutions

Community Health Solutions

Consulting Services for Healthy Communities

Community Health Solutions, a sister program to SPIFFY, offers consulting services for schools, coalitions, municipalities and community-based organizations at an affordable price.

Community Health Solutions consultants work with you to collaboratively identify your needs and develop an action plan to reach your organizational goals in the following areas:

•    Substance Abuse
•    School Climate
•    Youth Development
•    Diet and Nutrition
•    Physical Activity
•    Overweight and Obesity

Our Approach

Over the past decade, SPIFFY has effectively harnessed the power of broad, diverse coalitions to help communities to identify, reduce and prevent unhealthy behavior.

We find this model to be effective because it
•    Increases collaboration among schools and community-based organizations
•    Engages youth and adults in making their community a healthier place to live
•    Uses data to assess community-wide strengths and problem areas
•    Is flexible in promoting a wide variety of healthy behaviors.

Our Experience

Our consultants have expertise in the following areas:

Assessment and Evaluation

•    Youth Prevention Needs Assessment Survey (PNAS)
•    Surveys of parents, teachers, community residents
•    Qualitative data collection methods (focus groups and key informant interviews)   
•    Photovoice
•    Walkability and Bikeability audits

Evidence-Based Prevention Strategies

•    Using the risk and protective framework
•    Educational curriculum
•    Social norms marketing

Community Engagement and Organizing

•    Coalition Development
•    Youth Development
•    Development/Sustainability
•    Grant Writing
•    Sustainability Planning

Our clients

•    Educational Development Coorporation, Boston, MA
•    Hampshire Council of Governments, Northampton, MA
•    Northampton Prevention Coalition, City of Northampton

For more information, contact: 
Director, Healthy Families and Communities
413.586.4900 x5580