Social Justice and Equity Giving

Help to fund our Social Justice and Equity work

CES is committed to the belief that everyone is a learner, and to our mission to develop and foster educational excellence and opportunities for all learners through collaboration and leadership.

Social Justice and Equity work has always been critical to that mission.

We understand that all forms of oppression are damaging. As we at CES set our sights on understanding and taking action together to challenge racism and support equity, we also commit to making our work intersectional by taking on sexism, classism, heterosexism, youth oppression, transgender oppression, religious oppression, ableism, sizeism, and more. 

We are doing this work proactively and purposefully, with the intent of positive outcomes, and because we need to. In doing so, we are building capacity to support and assist schools, and districts responding to their educators' and students' needs with an increased and intentional focus on matters of bias, social justice, and equity.

We ask for your help to fund the creation of

  • Shared resources
  • Frameworks for change
  • Building Expertise and Capacity
  • Transformational Learning for communities, educators, and young people
  • New understanding and strategies to support our community for moving forward









For more about our organization's committment to social justice and equity commitment, please visit this page on our site.

For more about our consulting services for social justice and equity initiatives and needs, please visit this page on our site.