Rebecca Mazur

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Research and Evaluation Specialist
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Rebecca Mazur, Ph.D., has extensive experience in educational research and evaluation and uses qualitative, quantitative, and social network approaches. She has designed and implemented studies investigating a variety of educational phenomena including system factors that support or constrain student learning outcomes, educator professional development, teacher support networks, instructional interventions for adolescent learners, and organizational collaboration. Much of her research involves working directly with public schools that primarily serve a diverse and/or economically disadvantaged student population. Her scholarship has been published in a number of respected peer-reviewed journals including Educational Administration Quarterly, Evaluation and Program Planning, and Educational Management Administration and Leadership. Rebecca has also led or served in an advisory capacity on numerous high school reform/redesign efforts aimed at increasing student learning outcomes, improving school climate, and enhancing curricular rigor and relevance. She is a former high school teacher-librarian and a certified principal. Her international work includes serving as the Academic Director for the Instructional Leadership Institute for Pakistani Educators, funded by the U.S. State Department. Rebecca has a B.A. in history from Mount Holyoke College, a master’s degree in library and information science from Simmons College, and a Ph.D. in educational research, policy and administration from the University of Massachusetts.