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Article Author: Kathryn Laverriere
Publication Name: MA Department of Youth Services
Article Date: May 9, 2023
Article URL: https://files.constantcontact.com/ea9b145a201/2e1b0969-6c51-4bb6-b4ff-c50e79a2e91a.pdf

[BOSTON] – Today, the Department of Youth Services (DYS) held its 10th Annual “Share Your
Art, Share Your Voice” Youth Arts Showcase at WGBH Studios. It is the culmination of DYS’s
year-round arts programming and included an Art Gallery and sale, and live performances by
youth in the Massachusetts juvenile justice system.
The artwork displayed at the event included paintings, drawings, and pieces from young
people’s clothing lines. Over 400 pieces of youth art were on exhibit and for sale, with all
proceeds going directly to the artists. Acting DYS Commissioner Cecely Reardon, DYS staff,

youth, families, Massachusetts state legislators, community partners, and state agency
officials attended the event.

“The 10th Annual Youth Art Showcase is a true celebration of youth creativity and resilience,”
said Secretary of Health and Human Services Kate Walsh. “It’s inspiring to see the results of
young people’s creativity and hard work from the past year, as they explore opportunities for
their futures and express themselves through art.”

“We are so proud of the young people who participated in this year’s Youth Art Showcase,”
said Cecely Reardon, the Department of Youth Services Acting Commissioner. “The
Department of Youth Services recognizes that artistic expression is a cornerstone of positive
youth development and identity formation and is committed to ensuring youth have a
platform to share their voices and showcase their work.”
“The Youth Arts Showcase is a highly anticipated event that puts the creativity and
achievements of young people on display for hundreds of attendees,” said Magda Spasiano,
Program Manager for DYS Arts Initiative through Commonwealth Corporation. “It was
refreshing to be able to hold this event in person, including live performances, the first time
since the onset of the pandemic.”

Through its partnership with Commonwealth Corporation, the DYS Arts Initiative, which
includes arts education, arts mentorships, and arts-based employment opportunities,
manages independent artists and arts organizations that work with youth in residential and
community settings. The DYS art teachers, employed by the Collaborative for Educational
Services, provide year-round arts education and serve as the foundation for DYS’s highquality visual arts programming.
In addition to the art gallery and sale, the event featured live performances by youth.
Attendees were treated to a range of live and pre-recorded performances that included
music, poetry, drumming, and conversations between young people and DYS leadership.

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