Warwick Fire Dept. sparks hands-on learning for electrical students

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Article Author: Shelby Ashline
Publication Name: The Recorder
Article Date: 3/16/2017
Article URL: http://www.recorder.com/Franklin-County-tech-students-get-hands-on-experience-at-Warwick-Fire-Department-8609418

WARWICK — The Franklin County Technical School students are no strangers to Warwick.

Having replaced the ceiling fans in the Warwick Community School’s gymnasium last fall, the technical school’s electrical students are onto their next project: wiring the new Fire Department building.

“It’s kind of our stomping grounds now,” tech school junior Cameron Chase of Conway said of Warwick.

According to the students’ electrical instructor Todd Weed, the students work primarily in town halls, police or fire stations and other municipally-owned buildings, providing towns with “a good deal on a quality installation.”

“We are greeted with open arms wherever we go,” Weed said.

Weed explained the towns cover the cost of materials, plus an additional 20 percent fee, which enables the school to purchase instructional supplies, replenish its tools, cover travel costs and, in the case of the electrical class, purchase a 20-foot trailer to haul tools.

On any given day, Weed said, the students can be found “from Rowe to Orange and anywhere in between.” That, said Tech school junior Dylan Robinson of Orange, allows the class to get a change of scenery while helping the community.

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