HEC Academy students raise $1,135 to battle hunger

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NORTHAMPTON: Despite the rainy weather, staff and students from HEC Academy (an alternative middle and high school in Northampton, MA managed by the Collaborative for Educational Services) participated for the third year running in Monte’s March, a unique publicity event that raises money in the fight against hunger. Each year, local radio host, Monte Belmonte and his entourage push shopping carts along a 26-mile route, from Northampton to Greenfield, collecting donations for the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts along the way. This year, Monte?s March raised over $65,000.

HEC Academy Students walking with Monty's March, fall 2014HEC Academy students joined the march in Sunderland and presented Belmonte with a check for $1,135.13, which they collected through their own fundraising efforts. “It felt so good to achieve that (fundraising goal) and help the community,” said HEC Academy student Alex Oquando. “Monte’s March is amazing.  It brings us together.”

Iona Teutsch said HEC Academy students were inspired to raise more money through penny wars at HEC Academy. “There were a couple of checks for 50 and 60 dollars,” she said. “It was a really fun thing to do and it means a lot.” added Tessa Santor.


This year the students’ donation was made in honor of HEC Academy teacher Bob Haughton, who passed away earlier this year.

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