Fall 2014 Special Olympics offers fun in Granby

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Fall 2014 Special Olympics in Granby MA - Parachute Racing

As students gathered behind the Granby Junior/Senior High School in Granby, MA for the fall 2014 Special Olympics, the colors of the fall foliage around the playing field echoed the bright colors sported by the 87 participants, and the volunteers working to set up and support the event. Students came from schools in Northampton, South Hadley, Granby, Ware, Frontier Regional School District, and CES? own Community-based Work Experience (CBWE) program.

Granby Schools Superintendent Isabelina Rodriguez opened the day?s multiple athletic events, saying “You are all winners, and we are proud of you all.”  The fall 2014 Special Olympics was coordinated by Mackenzie Vita from the Collaborative for Educational Services, on behalf of the participating schools and school districts. Special Olympics events occur twice a year, in the fall and spring seasons.

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