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HATFIELD, MA – Anyone passing by the Hatfield Public Library on Tuesday morning may have heard the sounds of children’s laughter emanating from behind the building. If you asked any of the young children blowing bubbles or inspecting bugs with a magnifying glass at Tuesday’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) for Little Ones event what they were doing, and they would say “playing”.

But their parents and the event organizers from the Collaborative for Educational Services know they were also learning rudimentary concepts of science and math – and having a whole lot of fun in the process. The event was one of a series of events sponsored by CES in collaboration with Hatfield Public Library to develop Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills in early learners by engaging their curiosity in the world around them.

:Children love to explore, investigate and “experiment”. They are natural scientists – so full of questions and curiosity,” said CES?s Carolyn Mazel, who coordinated the event.

Chris La Flamme said his granddaughters were fascinated by how many more parts of the insect they could see under the magnifying glass. He said the girls were really intrigued by why the bubbles they blew were always round, even if the shape of the frame they blew them from was square. “They haven?t figured that one out, yet,” he said as his granddaughter, Kayla, blew a foot-long bubble from a square frame.

The STEM for Little Ones series is funded by a Coordinated Family and Community Engagement Grant through the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care.

For more information, visit the Early Childhood Program.

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