Who We Serve

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Who We Serve

Students are at the heart of our work

The common focus for all of our services, programs, and work at the Collaborative is always to support our students in successfully finding their voices, talents, and interests and helping them to access education in ways that work best for their individual needs. As we do that work, we collaborate with and assist a wide array of talented educators who share the same goal.

Among these are:


CES serves K-12 teachers in all content areas with a wide array of training, professional development, coaching and consultation, and licensure preparation. Teachers may be especially interested in our Professional Learning Communities.


We serve principals and administrators with professional and leadership development training as well as technical assistance and services support for their schools. Among other areas of focus, we provide training and support on legal issues, state initiatives and mandates, school improvement, and educational technology. Principals may be especially interested in our Principals Professional Group - a group that meets regularly to collaborate and problem solve.

Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents

We are committed to serving school districts and their needs through an active dialogue and strong partnerships. Included in the areas our programs and services support are the implementation of state initiatives, including Educator Evaluation; the development and evaluation of in-district programs; the design and delivery of professional development on both an open enrollment and customized basis; and technical assistance in our core areas of focus and expertise.

Curriculum Directors and Educational Data Managers/Teams

CES offers meeting management and facilitation for collaborative projects and initiatives, coaching, technical assistance, professional development, and extensive support for Educator Evaluation System and District-Determined measures implementation as well as curriculum assessment, design, and alignment.  Our Center for Education Data Use assists data managers and teams with data analysis, design, interpretation, and reporting. The CES Curriculum Director Professional Group may be of particular interest.


These groups of professionals working in specific areas of specialization bring their expertise directly to the young people with whom they work. CES celebrates and supports them with professional development and learning communities, coaching, information, and technical assistance. To learn more about these services, please visit the Programs tab on our main menu.

  • Special Education Directors, teachers, and specialists
  • Technology Directors, coordinators, and Instructional Media specialists
  • Early Educators and Providers
  • English Language Education (ESL) specialists
  • Reading Recovery specialists
  • Mental Health professionals and social workers
  • Speech/Language, Occupational Therapy, and Assistive Technology specialists

Parents, Students and Families

CES works in partnership with schools and districts to offer information, services and support directly to parents and students through multiple programs.  We provide a wide array of services and education to support the parents of preschool children through our Early Childhood Department; as well as offering After School Programs throughout Pioneer Valley to children in elementary, middle and high school. Our HEC Academy special education programs for middle and high school students serve students with IEPs who can benefit from a specialized setting providing a high student-teacher ratio and significant individualized support. Mount Tom Academy alternative high school, managed by CES and located at Holyoke Community College, serves other students who for diverse reasons are not successful in more traditional high school settings and can benefitfrom greater individualized attention and support. We are happy to discuss these programs with parents and families hoping to learn more, and to partner with your school and school district to determine whether these alternatives are a good option for your student.