Organizational Redesign

Image of LOFT Diagram

Organizational Redesign

Launching Our Future Together (LOFT)

The Collaborative’s mission -- to develop and foster educational excellence and opportunity for all learners through collaboration and leadership -- demands that we remain nimble and relevant in the face of increasingly complex challenges.

Launching Our Future Together (LOFT): The CES Vision for the Future represents a Systems Design approach to defining and achieving agency goals that accounts for our strengths and addresses our unique challenges in the rapidly shifting educational environment.

The Collaborative determined that the most effective way to respond to these changing demands was to conduct a redesign process that was holistic and included voices and experiences from all levels of the agency. Rethinking the internal structure of the Collaborative was critical to envisioning change.

The attached summary document is the culmination of a multiple year redesign process; and was published in August, 2012. From that point, the organizational work will focus on implementing the new design and its elements. This journey has led to a new framework for our organization that will

  • open the door to better understanding,
  • improve communication about the work we do,
  • stimulate innovation in all areas of the agency. and
  • enable greater effectiveness in delivering and improving the services we provide.

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