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Hatfield’s existing website design worked well years ago, but did not function properly on mobile handheld devices; and looked out-of-date when compared to the current design trends on the web.
Parents and others had a hard time finding teachers and other school personnel, and school personnel had a hard time updating content and photos.   
Parents and others had a hard time finding teachers and other school personnel, and school staff had a hard time keeping the content and photos on the site up to date. 
But most importantly, the site could not be upgraded, leaving the website vulnerable to security threats.  Technology Director Paul Duval said that the website was constantly being attacked by hackers, resulting in server crashes and other problems.

The Solution

School personnel worked with CES to build a brand new site, instead of trying to fix the old one. The Hatfield team and Travis Johnston, CES Web Systems Architect, worked together on the site’s design, development and testing through the spring; and launching the new website in the summer.
Among the improvements benefitting the new website are the new layout design, a dynamic news section offering a variety of articles created by school personnel, a more secure Drupal 7 system for the website, accessible staff directories with contact information, integrated calendars, easier content management and much more intuitive navigation. 

The Outcome

The site has already received positive reviews from previous visitors and staff. 
“The number one wish from parents is to keep our photos up to date,” said Paul Duval, at Hatfield Public Schools. “I am optimistic the new site will help us keep both photo and written content up-to-date and exciting.” 
He added that the new site makes it much easier for key administrators such as the superintendent, the principals, and the librarian to post their content.  He would eventually like to see tech-savvy teachers and even some students involved with the high school’s media class posting content and uploading photos. “So far,” said Duval, “I like it a lot.”