Technology Vendor Partnerships

Technology Vendor Partnerships

We Bring Technology Partnerships to You

CES provides member districts access to the latest in technology services and training at the best available rates through partnerships with select vendors. CES ensures that the vendors we partner with produce high quality tools that serve the needs to educators and school leaders at an affordable price.

See our full list of vendors and services through CES partnerships below. Contact for more information.



Eduporium views technology as an increasingly important literacy of the 21st century. They partner with educators and ESAs to learn their specific EdTech needs and create customized solutions for their classrooms, including innovative technology bundles for all grade levels and areas of STEM education. This full-scale service helps Eduporium expand access to and increase affordability of essential technology as they help bring school communities to the forefront of 21st century education. 


Global Compliance Network (GCN)

GCN offers online HR, OSHA, and professional development training tutorials. There are over 90 tutorials currently available on demand, with database completion tracking and features customizable to your district. You can save money by completing all mandatory trainings online.

Member districts receive:

  • A 50% discount on the Unlimited Tutorials package (unlimited access to all tutorials, as well as any tutorials released on future dates)

Imagine Learning

Imagine Learning is an innovative language and literacy software program for ELLs, struggling readers, early childhood education, and SPEC ED students. They deliver award-winning language and literacy solutions to elementary students throughout the U.S. and around the world. Imagine Learning creates educational software that uses engaging, one-on-one instruction to meet students' individual learning needs. The software is research-based, instructionally differentiated and incredibly fun to use. Also available on iPad and Chromebook, Imagine Learning supports a dynamic blended learning experience. 


One Call Now

One Call Now provides the very best in parent notification, with two-way communication between school staff, parents, and community members via voice, SMS text, and email from phone or Web-enabled computer; weather alerts; multilingual messaging, and more.

Member districts receive:

  • Discount on this important communication tool and services