Makerspaces: Customized On-Site Training

Makerspaces: Customized On-Site Training

Where Learning = Doing

What is a makerspace? How can you create one in your school or district? How can you leverage a makerspace to increase student and community engagement in your school?

CES is pleased to provide services to support schools in integrating Makerspace-related philosophy and practice into classrooms. This training includes two 6-hour face-to-face sessions and one synchronous webinar, and is designed to:

  • provide frameworks for Maker pedagogy
  • introduce participants to the tools available to them
  • make connections between each participant's existing curriculum and Maker pedagogy
  • build confidence in participants related to technology integration and makerspaces
  • guide participants through a process for designing and/or developing an iterative design for their makerspace, including processes for evaluation

At the face-to-face sessions, participants will begin a guided process to create their own makerspace, then bring their plan back to their school for implementation. The online follow-up session will provide an opportunity to share experiences with colleagues to find solutions and inspiration.

Participants will explore a wide range of the possible configurations of makerspaces and find one that fits the needs of their students, school and budget. Through this guided planning process, they will design and integrate a makerspace into their curriculum, with connections to strategies, like Project-Based Learning and STEAM education, that is in alignment with the new Massachusetts Digital Literacy and Computer Standards draft Standards (December 2015).


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