G Suite (Google Apps) for Education

G Suite (Google Apps) for Education

Wherever your district, schools, or educators are on the Google continuum, from basic to advanced, we can create a tailored program of training and coaching to optimize your launch or ongoing implementation of G Suite.

In general, the below workshops are designed for up to 20 participants with 2 facilitators. Additional participants will require additional facilitators.


Getting Started with Google Chrome

Building Foundations in G Suite

G Suite: Chrome, Gmail & Calendar

G Suite: Drive & Docs

G Suite: Sheets & Forms

Customizing Google with Apps, Add-ons, & Extensions

Collaborating with G Suite: Students & Teachers

Collaborating with G Suite: Administrators & Professionals

Intermediate & Advanced

Level 2 G Suite for Education: Helping students get the most out of G Suite

You already know the basics of G Suite, now it's time to the next level and focus on using collaborative tools with students, going paperless in your classroom, using G Suite for research, and more! 

Google Sites

Cover the basics and get guided, hands-on experience!

BYOGSuite: A Learning Laboratory

Explore Drive Apps; play with Add-ons for Google Docs, Sheets, & Forms; and strategize about using G Suite for your projects and initiatives.


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