Student and Staff Feedback

Student and Staff Feedback

Educator Evaluation: Student and Staff Feedback

Beginning this school year, evidence used in the evaluation process must include student feedback (for teachers) and staff feedback (for administrators). For more details, please read Part VIII of the Model System or this Quick Reference Guide.

One important decision for districts is whether to use student surveys across the district, educator-selected instruments, or some combination of the two approaches.

Districts also have choices about how to use the survey results. Districts may choose to only allow teachers, and not district administrators, to view survey results. Teachers would then be expected to incorporate evidence gleaned from the surveys into their self-assessment and goal-setting.

How We Can Help

We are offering workshops, trainings and technical support to help with the student and staff feedback:

  • We are offering a Student Feedback and Surveys workshop. For upcoming dates and online registration, click here.
  • We will provide technical support to districts interested in independently aggregating survey data.

For more information about these offerings and more, click here to visit the Educator Evaluation section of the website.

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